29 Jun 2021

Why should you get an Automatic Garage Door Opener?We all love to ease up our work as much as we can. Don’t we? So, are you facing trouble with the garage door opening it manually? You’re not alone. Most car owners go through the hassle of opening the garage doors every time. So, it is high time for you to get an automatic garage door opener.

Moreover, this is even more challenging when it is raining or you have to take care of the kids and the dogs in your car.

Now, imagine, you bring your car to the garage and you just press a button to open and close the garage door. Won’t that be great? No physical troubles to open amidst the chaos. You just pull the car right in and you are parked well. One more button and the door is shut.

Besides being just convenient, it is much more than just easy to open and shut.

Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

Keeps you safe and secure
There are several ways to open a garage door and a manual is one. But, using a remote to control the garage doors just makes things safer and secure. With this easy and handy method, you save yourself from falling into any injuries. Moreover, if you have kids who have a habit of running around. You and your family can be safe and secure with the newly installed automatic garage doors. This is because the garage doors come with safety features too.

Easy on your wallet
Automatic garage door openers can drastically improve lives and are really soft on the wallet. They are absolutely inexpensive investments. After the installation of the garage door, you also save a lot on energy and solar power.

Your life improves drastically
As you do not have to make any physical effort for the garage door, you can get a lot of conveniences. It is the same as using the thermostat or the dishwasher in your kitchen.

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13 Apr 2021

5 Reasons to Love Your Garage and Service it RegularlyIf you think that your garage is not a helpful place for you or is merely a shed for your car, then you are a bit wrong. It is time to change your philosophy about your garage. It is not only helpful or beneficial for storing your automobiles, garden machinery, or other stuff. Instead, it has far more creative and better uses and advantages to your house.

Reasons to Love Your Garage Doors

  • Your Garage door adds good value to your house
  • Your garage door protects the things you need
  • You probably go through the garage all the time
  • Neglected Garage doors can destroy your needs
  • Your Garage doors might hide dangers if you neglect the garage
  • A garage can be a lot more fun place than you think

These are some of the best reasons why you should treat your garage with love. Make sure to pay attention to all the problems that it might face. Pay heed to the doors, walls, and the security of the garage. All together contribute towards the better health of the garage. As this is another entry to your house, you have to be cautious about its security too.

A garage can be made a lot more fun by incorporating various elements to make the place more happening and vibrant. Add board games or make a place for an occasional get-together. It will add a more aesthetic look to your house.

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20 Oct 2020

How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?In this era, most of us have cars and with cars, we have garage doors too. As a car owner, it is our responsibility to take care of our car and have a well-managed garage door. This will help in maintaining the car’s health as well as save your home from possible burglars.

So, the next question is how often should we service the garage door?

Why Should You Service Your Garage Door?

First, we need to understand why should we service the garage door? It is important that you acknowledge the fact that a garage door is just another entry point to your house as well as where your car is parked once you are home. Therefore, if you have a well maintained and serviced garage door, you not only protect your car but also protect your family members from burglars.

Servicing your garage door will extend the life of it. Getting service for your garage door is almost getting yourself physically checked on a regular basis. These services diagnose and treat the troubles that your door might be facing. Moreover, the regular service makes sure that no minor problem becomes minor in the coming future. Therefore, in this process, you also save a lot of money.

How Professionals Will Service Your Door?

One of the largest moving components in your home is a Garage door. And, it is said that it is extremely dangerous to attempt to perform service and repairs all by oneself. Therefore, it is best to leave the services in the hands of the professionals or trained technicians.

The professionals have a specific checklist or a procedure to follow in order to examine and analyze the issues with the garage door. They start by using oil on the squeaky doors and track the entire health of the system. Then they further move to check the springs, cables, rollers, door sections, and panels, as well as garage door opener.

They look for possible signs that could be trouble in the near future if there is no issue right now. Therefore, you will not end up needing emergency services too.

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05 Aug 2020

Why My Garage Door Remote Is Not Working?We have remote control pretty much everything in our house. Thus, a garage door remote is really a bliss for the person in the car. With a press of a button, the garage door can open and close, almost like magic. However, a little downside is the frustration caused by it when it does not work. Reasons why your remote is not working.

Dead batteries

Your remote might be running on dead batteries. Thus, check whether it needs a change of battery. If the remote has an indicator light, it will get dimmer or not blink at all when pressed. Change the battery- it is easy!

Opener has LED bulbs

Even though they are considered as indicators of battery, there can also cause interference issues with garage remotes. Sometimes LED bulbs disrupt the signals sent to the opener. The easiest way to fix it is if you use a CFL or incandescent bulb instead of an LED bulb. 

Safety sensor issue

Safety sensors are those small boxes that are inches away from the floor on either side of the garage door. It might prevent the door from closing if there is any interference between the line of sight. Make sure to deal with your sensors with precaution. 

Obstructions on the way

If a door begins to closes but ceases and retreats, then there is something for sure blocking the way. Garage doors have a setting that asks them to change force setting, telling the system to reverse the door if any hindrance is present. Check and remove the object if you can.

Broken parts

Any broken spring or cable can hamper with the functioning of garage door, making you feel that the remote is faulty. Check if any part out of torsion, rod, cable, and drum are compromised. Repair them if you can. However, do not go overboard and end up making more mess. Call up a professional to get your work done.

Needs Reprogramming

If all the reasons fall short, then your remote might need reprogramming. Check for it and call up a professional.

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23 Jun 2020

Proven Tips to Increase the Life of your Garage Door
Maintenance is one of the hardest pieces of claiming a home. And, there’s nothing more dreadful than a garage entryway that abruptly doesn’t work properly. There are infinite approaches to keep up on your garage entryway support. On the off chance that you’d prefer to get familiar with how to keep your garage entryway running easily, underneath you can find expert tips from Dortech Garage Doors that can help you maximize the lifespan of your garage door.

Fix Hardware

Garage entryways get utilized a great deal. Regular usage can put a ton of strain on your entryway’s framework. From time to time go out into your garage and fix down the various equipment that keeps your entryway opening easily.

Fixing roller sections and rushes with attachment torques. Carport entryways experience a lot of vibration over their lifetime. Watching out for it will help it from bombing out and out.

Be Focused and Careful

A major piece of home proprietorship is exploring for things that aren’t working right. With regards to garage entryways, focusing on how the garage capacities are a fundamental piece of its support.

Whenever you utilize your garage entryway check to assure the rollers are working appropriately. In the event that you hear any kind of pounding disorder or see any authentic in the chains, that may mean your carport entryway is expected up for cleaning.

Or then again perhaps even a few fixes. You ought to likewise assure that all the mechanical parts like the pulleys, springs, and links are level with one another.

Assess and Replace the Rollers

Rollers are a fundamental piece of any garage entryway. As such they should be examined routinely. What’s more, whenever harmed, replaced altogether. Many experts recommend checking rollers two times per year. What’s more, supplanted at regular intervals. Ensure the steel or nylon isn’t worn, chipped, or broken.

Test the Balance of Your Garage Door

To work the correct way your garage entryway must be adjusted properly. This will delay its life and help confine a portion of the strain the garage door experiences in its day by day life.

Disengage the carport entryway opener. On the off chance that the garage door doesn’t remain set up that implies it isn’t adjusted suitably. Tweaking the garage entryway spring isn’t something that ought to be DIYed however.

In the event that you think your garage entryway springs are inappropriately adjusted, call a garage entryway fix organization like Dortech Garage Doors and get it fixed right away.