Garage Door Repairs in Ajax Ontario: A Great City in Ontario, Canada

Garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario. Dortech is a Toronto based garage door repair and installation company that specializes in residential garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario! It proudly serves the GTA along with the surrounding cities of Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, New Market, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and many more.

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Ajax is a town in Southern Ontario. It is located in the Durham Region. In the Toronto area, it is in the Eastern part. The HMS Ajax from World War II was how Ajax got its name. Pickering is to its North and West, Whitby is in an Eastern direction. It is approximately 25 kilometers from Toronto.

1. Garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario and its history:

Ajax was a part of Pickering until after the Second World War.The Defence Industries Limited shell plant was built the town grew around it in 1941. The plant had a workforce of 9,000 by 1945. They had its own sewage and water treatment plants. There was a population of students that was over 600. There was railroad was also 50 km and there was 50 km of roadway. The entire plant included some 12 km. In Canada, people traveled from everywhere to work there. The town got its name from a naval victory. Commodore Henry Harwood commanded the HMS Ajax from which the town gets its name. It fought a battleship from Germany in the River Plate battle. The University of Toronto, after the war was over, took over much of the plant to use for former soldiers who were now engineering students. The war machinery was moved and the plant became classrooms instead. Seven thousand students received their education there By 1949.

2. Garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario and its geography:

Ajax is considered part of the Toronto area. Pickering is to the North and West. Whitby is in an Eastern direction and the Southern end is Lake Ontario. It has grown in the past 30 years, much like most of the area. What was once a small town mostly surrounded by farming, has grown and many people drive to work there. They may need garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario

3. Garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario and its modern status:

Ajax mostly consists of one family homes on different lots. Many of these have garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario. There are large amounts of land available for housing investments. This has been happening for years and now citizens are living in these homes. The population has increased. There have been steady increases in traffic jams in the area with few realistic alternatives to traveling in cars. The area plans to make highway 401 wider. There will also be extensions to highway 407. Increases to the transit service, improving conditions for bikes and walking, will help alleviate this. Ajax is increasing multiculturalism. In the Northern Parts of Ajax, there are young ethnic professionals moving in. It is mostly Rossland and Taunton Rd. There have been a lot of homes built here, there is also a newer complex. Soccer and camps and clubs are found here and parks for individual enjoyment.

4. Garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario and transportation

In 1973, there was a creation of Ajax Transit. This was done using a school bus fleet, with the most riders in the Pickering Beach area and within downtown Ajax. Later in the 1970s, the town began other routes that continue to this day. In 2001 the Ajax Transit and Pickering Transit became one entity, the Ajax Pickering Transit Authority. This operated under the joint ownership of both towns. In 2006, the Ajax and Pickering Transit Authority became known as the Durham Region Transit. This included other transit services from other neighboring towns. Toronto Pearson International Airport, located in Mississauga is the closest international airport in the region.

Ajax is a wonderful place to live. You may need garage door repairs in Ajax Ontario. You never know when you’ll end up with difficulty with your garage doors. If this happens you will certainly want peace of mind and should call a professional.